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Instead of focusing on the increased traffic, dust, noise etc. Let’s celebrate the advancements like the huge amount of concrete being used on this project but the fact that there was also a huge reduction in cement 💪🏼 https://www.renewcanada.net/feature/5000091035-2/

Monitoring mass concrete all over the city. Ask us why. @ Toronto, Ontario https://www.instagram.com/p/Ca79cicO01Y/?utm_medium=twitter

Read how Calysto client @SoracomIoT is providing #IoT connectivity to @ExactTechnology to ensure 24/7 data streaming from sensors that measure concrete humidity, moisture, hydrostatic pressure, strain, and more: https://buff.ly/3sMqcS4

@exacttechnology's unique monitoring sensors use cellular IoT to help ensure the strength and stability of concrete structures. http://ow.ly/bS3k50HYW6s

Check out how @exacttechnology is using reliable connectivity and end-to-end control of network security to advance the construction industry by making concrete stronger, safer and more sustainable. #Construction #IoT #Industrial #Concrete http://ow.ly/erSr50H3ioT

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