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The Ultimate Monitoring, Productivity & Quality Tool for Precasters

EXACT exists to make precasters more successful. We’re passionate about this. We spend a lot of time at precast plants learning, listening and testing new solutions.

Advance your business with EXACT’s cloud-based precast technology solutions:

Keep products within spec and eliminate rejections with reliable, real-time concrete monitoring

Accelerate production and optimize cylinder breaks with wireless match curing.

Reliably and efficiently increase daily output with electric, live steam and closed loop curing control

Connect management, production and quality control via our integrated digital tools.

Temperature + Humidity

We monitor your critical data in real-time. We organize it, analyze it and report it so that you can produce to spec and eliminate product rejections. Maximum temperatures, temperature differentials and more are available at a glance so that they are never exceeded.


Real-time maturity accurately predicts your concrete strengths so that you can strip sooner and turn over molds faster.

Alerts Via Email And Text Message

EXACT’s system is constantly monitoring your critical parameters and alerts you automatically before there’s a problem. Take action and fix issues before they turn into expensive problems.

iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac

We support your current IT infrastructure so that you can start benefiting from our system today, without any expensive IT investments or complicated integrations.

Built for Precast

EXACT builds the most robust data loggers, beyond IP-69K with the highest quality components and obsessive quality control procedures.

EXACT Hardware

Plug-And-Play Probes

EXACT’s temperature probes are pre-made, pre-tested and lab calibrated to within +-0.5°C / +-1.0°F. No assembly required. Touching rebar does not affect them.

Lifetime Battery

You’ve got better things to do than charge batteries. We’ve designed our loggers to never need recharging.

Maximum Reliability

We’ve built-in multiple redundancies across our platform so that you always get your data.

Match Curing 2.0

Place your test cylinders in our EXACT Match chambers and they’ll be heated and cooled to the same temperature as your concrete products.EXACT Match works on our online cloud platform, so everything is done wirelessly and in real-time. With EXACT Match, you get accurate breaks and strip sooner or you can keep to your current schedule while reducing cement and admixtures.

Curing Control

Accelerate precast production with EXACT’s online curing control system. Setup and monitor your daily curing cycles from any computer or mobile device. Our system is compatible with most steam/vapor generators and actuated valves as well as Sure Cure’s electric heating system. Our wireless temperature loggers communicate with our curing controller to carefully control the application of heat and follow your predefined curves, keeping concrete temperatures within specifications.

Email and text message alerts automatically notify you of any equipment issues so that you can take corrective actions and keep production on schedule. 

Sure Cure

Electric Curing

The Sure Cure system is over 90% efficient in applying electrical energy to the concrete in the form of heat. The system is controllable from the cloud and locally and maintains uniform temperatures throughout the concrete for the duration of the cure cycle. It also calculates maturity, tracks energy consumption, controls electrical demand and stores all data generated. Electric curing reduces the cost of energy, labour, and materials while improving the quality of precast products.

The Sure Cure system is low maintenance and is custom designed to accommodate specific forms based on volume and heat loss characteristics. 

In February 2021, EXACT acquired Sure Cure bringing in-house 50+ years of excellence and expertise in electric concrete curing.

Digital production and quality tracking solution designed to adapt to your workflow to produce the highest quality products, simplify reporting and give management a real-time overview on key performance indicators.

  • QR Code Labels + GPS Location
  • Real-time Inventory
  • Production Scheduling + Tracking
  • Digital Dimensional Checks
  • Customizable Quality Inspection Task Lists
  • Concrete Property Tracking

QR Code Labels + GPS Location

Find your products in seconds by searching a map of your yard with real-time GPS coordinates. EXACT’s heavy-duty labels stick to concrete for years. 


Real-time Inventory

Get up-to-the-second inventories and know exactly where products are in the yard. Use your existing smartphones to scan the QR codes from over 20 feet away. Inventory counts now take hours instead of days, saving labor hours and increasing productivity.

Production Scheduling + Tracking

Drag-and-drop production drawings into EXACT Track to automatically pull project data and critical details into the system. Schedule your production according to formwork availability and schedule tasks based on department capacities. Production data is always up-to-date and available anytime to your entire team via our online portal.

Digital Dimensional Checks

Pre-pour and post-pour dimensional checks are faster and more accurate with EXACT Track, reducing rework and delays. Using our tablet friendly online tool, easily find any production drawing, click on the dimension values, enter the measured values, and EXACT Track will confirm they’re within tolerance of your specifications. Include dimensional check data in QC reports at the touch of a button.

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